Vecchio's Bicicletteria



Owner / Meccanico di Bici

Jim Potter officially began his bike shop career in 1986 at International Bike Shop in Garden(not!) City, Michigan, after a few years of wrenching for a local church touring group. PTL! After moving to Colorado in the early 90's he slung wrenches at some of Boulder's premier shops including CycleLogic, Morgul-Bismark and Pro Peloton. A few diversions with companies like Schwinn, Scott, Yeti and Maverick led Potter back to wrenching full time in 2002 for Vecchio's. A one time BMX grommet, cycle-tourist and former Cat. 2 road / Expert MTB racer, Potter brings a diverse cycling background to Vecchio's. A family man, Potter currently splits his precious riding time between road, mountain and 'cross with an emphasis on having fun with his riding friends. In 2013 Jim took over the reigns of Vecchio's when Peter, our founder, retired to ride bikes and spend more time with his family.



Fit Guru / Philosopher

Joe Hughes' cycling odyssey began with his first Italian road bike and the tutelage of infamous Texas cycling legend Joe Young. Later at school in the late 70's in Gunnison, CO, Joe worked with many local racers and began to focus on how they fit their machines. Joe's fitting philosophy and methods are a culmination of nearly 40 years in the trenches, not the result of any bike brands weekend fit seminars. Joe has plied his trade at many marquee shops in the SF Bay Area and around Colorado; including Marina Cycles in San Francisco, The Tune-Up in Gunnison, Denver Spoke in Denver and Morgul-Bismark in Boulder. A self-described bike snob, Joe only rides custom Italian made Dario Pegoretti bicycles.



Meccanico di Bici

Carl was born in NYC and lived there until the age of 21. As a pre-teen he was already building bikes out of abandoned junkers and at 15 he was riding all over Long Island, frequently from NYC to Greenport and Montauk. While in high school, continuing his life long love for anything with two wheels, he started working at a motorcycle shop in NYC, and a very understanding mother allowed him to build his first motorcycle in the bedroom of their 6th floor apartment. In 1971 he packed up his covered wagon (a 1950 Plymouth) and, heeding Horace Greeley's sage advice, headed west to Colorado. He has worked at The Spoke on the Hill, Louisville Cyclery, Pro Peloton, and Bike-n-Hike. In 2011 Carl set a goal for himself of riding 10 miles a day, everyday, for 365 days. He exceeded that in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Never a very good bicycle racer (he leaves that to other members of his family), Carl finds great satisfaction in working on fine machinery, something found in abundance at Vecchio's. 




Mat Barlow was literally born into the bike world. As a baby in Crested Butte, CO, his parents founded Mountain Bike Magazine. Mat spent his first years crawling around the offices of the magazine, before his family sold it and moved to Moab, UT in 1987. There they started a campground catering to vacationing cyclists. In high school Mat worked at the Chile Pepper Bike Shop and Western Spirit Cycling before moving to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado. At the end of school he worked for Bikes Belong (now People for Bikes) before starting a freelance video/photo company. After over a decade of friendship with the Vecchio's crew he officially joined the team in 2013. Mat has an annual goal of logging 200 days a year between his mountain, road and cross bikes.


Peter Chisholm

Founder Emeritus

Peter Chisholm began his bike shop career in 1992 at the Bike Lane and Mountain Bike Warehouse(!) in San Diego, CA while still on active duty as a fighter pilot in the Navy. A reformed marathon runner, Peter brought his Ciöcc on cruise with him during his later deployments and has ridden the world over. Upon retirement from the Navy after 20 years of service, Peter and his wife relocated to Boulder in 1993 to be near their kids, and he became the service manager at Morgul-Bismark Bicycles. He later helped launch and run Pro Peloton before opening his own shop, Vecchio’s Bicicletteria, in January of Y2K.

In the fall of 2013 Peter decided to retire from the day to day of retail to spend more time with his wife, on his bike, and with his two young grandchildren.