Vecchio's Bicicletteria

The humble bicycle wheel. Perhaps even more than the frame and fork, a bicycle’s wheels are responsible for giving a bike it’s ride character. The right wheels can make a bike sing. Bicycle wheels are amazing things: so light, yet able to support your weight and transfer your energy, propelling you over pavement or rocks for many years. Unfortunately, today many of the pre-built wheels on the market are geared toward only two things: flashy looks or hitting a certain price point ( and not always a lower price point! ). 

Custom, hand-built wheels have been a cornerstone of the Vecchio’s story from the beginning. No pre-built wheel has the same spectrum of attributes (light weight, durability, ride quality, price and serviceability) as a custom, hand-built wheel. We talk with you to decide on a combination of hub, spokes, and rim best suited to your riding style and/or budget. You don’t get what a product manager in a cubical somewhere thinks you need. 

A wheel from Vecchio’s is guaranteed to be tensioned, round, true and dished for the serviceable life of the rim ( unfortunately, rims do eventually die from brake wear, dents/bends or fatigue ). But the best part of a hand built? Not having to toss your nice hub when you eventually need that new rim!

Master wheel builder and shop owner James Potter has been building bicycle wheels for over thirty years. His wheels have been used at the highest levels of competition in road, triathlon and mountain biking. They have toured the globe, been up and down the Continental Divide, bashed over European cobble stones, Moab slickrock, and flown down Alpine mountain passes. 

Stop by or give a call and let us design and build a custom, hand-built set of wheels for your machine. We ship anywhere in the US of A!